Soe Properties Services

Soe p.r.o.p.e.r.t.i.e.s places emphasis on creating a better quality of life, rather than on building so many square feet of space. It employs advanced technology in all stages of construction and finishing and a large-scale, complex process of project management.


The latest construction technology and sophisticated project management processes and systems will be employed. With an increasing demand for good housing and favorable government policies, estate development industry is growing rapidly. We are now expanding our team substantially to meet the rapidly increasing needs of our tremendous growth. We provide affordable homes and lands in serene estates with modern infrastructure and recreational amenities, some of which are the HEAVENS GATE ESTATE, LEKKI, Lagos and THE SAVANNAH PLANES, Abuja.


At Soe p.r.o.p.e.r.t.i.e.s we give advice to clients on what, where, and how to buy properties. We organize seminars, exhibitions, expos, which give advice to homeowners, prospective landowners and property developers on the best way to utilize their potentials and maximize their outputs in relation to their expenditure. In not so many words, we at Soe p.r.o.p.e.r.t.i.e.s  have brought many consumer products that have been a helping hand to many in actually buying a home, for example our seminal, the Own Your Home Conference which gives an insight into the potentials of acquiring a home with the same income it takes to rent tenements.


We help you stay current on existing laws and legislation that affect all areas of the real estate field. Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate Transactions, Real Estate Litigation, Commercial Leasing and Developing and Operating Planned Communities. You can be confident that we carefully design our real estate seminars to ensure that you would be able to satisfy all of your professional training requirements. Our commitment to your success is what drives our daily activities. We look forward to helping you gain the knowledge you desire while showing you all the ways. Register for one of our real estate seminars today!


The exhibition shows a very hot phenomenon of many transactions. Real estate leaders contributed to a series of stimulating and broad-ranging panel discussions ranging from benchmarking to property management to the real estate market region. The exposition will present the best newly built, secondary, elite, out-of-town and commercial real estate of the 2006-2007 season. Attendees will be given a chance to familiarise themselves with the latest developments in realtor business, lending systems, insurance and development, appraisal, and other numerous fields. The visitors of the exhibition will see the latest and contemporary projects of the leading construction companies both finished and planned. Professional realtors will be able to attend specialised workshops and presentations.


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